Reimagining The World of Tomorrow

India's Umasree Texplast partners with Brazil's Packem to produce 100% sustainable FIBC / Jumbo Bags from recycled PET/PCR. The project aims to give massive enhancement to India's sustainability quotient as well as add a jewel to the crown of the MAKE IN INDIA global campaign. The project completely reimagines Big Bag manufacturing and is set to make India self-reliant and position it as a hub for exports in this segment. It also reimagines the way plastic and plastic waste have been looked at for decades; the technology as well as the methodology applied is among the unique innovations that the country has witnessed in the domain of sustainable bulk packaging. Along with the goals of technological advancement, the project reimagines the role of a corporation towards bringing in wider ecological and social benefits.

To achieve our sustainability goals, to orient all our actions towards circularity and to contribute to Government of India's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) initiatives, we launch

Changing theSustainability Landscapeof India & beyond

About Umasree

Umasree has been at the forefront of providing customised FIBC/Jumbo Bag solutions for over 15 years. It is based in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, India, and produces 3.50 Million units of big bags per year. The world is changing and to meet climate change targets there is a growing demand for solutions to reduce the carbon footprint. With the launch of the rPET project in India, Umasree aims to benefit from new technologies and contribute significantly to the environment by providing sustainable packaging solutions to its customers worldwide.

About Packem

Packem has units in Brazil, employs over 1000 people and produces 6.0 Million units of big bags per year. With the rPET project, it will create more than 700 new direct job vacancies. Packem's commitment to sustainability intensified in late 2019 when it was purchased by the current Promoters. Renewed, the company decided to invest heavily in ESG actions to be the pioneer in the global market.

A Trend-Setting Legacy

Packem Umasree's Larger Vision of Sustainability

As a packaging manufacturer, Packem Umasree feels responsible to address the challenges of the industry and find technological solutions that reimagine its relationship with the environment. The company will take multiple initiatives with the goal of waste elimination and environment-nurturing development. This approach is called WEEN.

The packaging of the future must be 100% made from renewable or recycled materials through a production process that uses renewable energy and that after being used, fulfilling its purpose, returns to recycling and is renewed.

Sustainable Developmentin Plastic Packaging Industry

With a vision of becoming the packaging company focussed on Sustainable Product / ESG Umasree signed a JV with Packem in 2022, to setup the 1 st Plant to produce FIBC Bags out of recycled PET (rPET) in India.

"The world today needs innovative ideas to meet sustainable development goals, We are pushing our limits to discover and implement new ways to bring in sustainability in the packaging segment. At this stage we have initiated manufacturing of 100% recycled and recyclable products; in this journey of ours we found a perfect fit in Packem."

Punit Gopalka
CEO. Umasree Texplast

"This new facility in Asia will take Packem to global markets that are already served today by Umasree, in PP bags, especially the USA. Canada and Europe. We have been Umasree's business partners for over 10 years, and it was this relationship of trust that enabled the Join Venture to further strengthening this partnership."

Eduardo Santos Neto
CEO. Packem